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Shell and Electrobras to develop Brazilian offshore wind

Eletrobras and Shell have signed a technical cooperation agreement to develop offshore wind energy projects in Brazil.

The objective is to exchange information for a possible co-investment and identify areas for a possible partnership in the development and implementation of projects.

"The generation of clean and renewable energy is part of Eletrobras' DNA, which, now, with its expanded investment capacity, seeks to promote the diversification of its generation matrix. constantly generating opportunities and getting to know new sources and technologies, keeping the know-how updated to absorb new business opportunities in a competitive way," said Eletrobras President Wilson Ferreira Junior.

Director of Generation at Eletrobras Pedro Jatobá added: "Considering that the eventual development of a project demands previous studies on the viability of potential areas for its implementation, the companies Eletrobras and Shell are interested in jointly carrying out the necessary studies.”

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