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Singapore assessing foreign bids to achieve renewable energy goals

Singapore has framed out strategies to achieve its renewable energy goals.

According to the authorities, Singapore has received more than 20 regional bids to supply the city-state with low-carbon electricity.

The spokesperson for Singapore’s industry regulator, the Energy Market Authority, informed that currently it is assessing two dozen renewable electricity providers to seal a contract.

The latest development came following the collapse of Sun Cable, the $35 billion Australian solar megaproject that has been placed into voluntary administration, according to the local reports. Sun Cable had planned to supply 15 per cent of Singapore’s energy via the Australia-Asia PowerLink.

“Besides the Sun Cable proposal, EMA has received more than 20 proposals to import electricity from countries including Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia and Thailand,” the spokesperson was quoted.

Singapore has planned to achieve 30 percent of its energy needs from abroad by midway through the next decade. The country aims to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Since the country has a very limited scope to produce its own solar power, it is considering beyond its border through the discussions with potential foreign suppliers.

“We remain on track to meet our imports target of four gigawatts [of low-carbon electricity] by 2035,” the spokesperson further stated.

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