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Singapore building infrastructures to achieve hydrogen goal by 2050

With a vision to generate half of country's power from hydrogen by 2050, Singapore has started building the infrastructures.

Both the biggest energy-related companies and foreign multinationals have focused on building the infrastructures to help the country achieve the goal.

It comes as Singapore is trying to cut its dependence on natural gas, as the fossil fuel accounts for 90% of its electricity.

Though the country plans to make solar panels installations, it has been restricted by a lack of space. In addition, the country has also opened up to renewable energy imports.

Amid such, Singapore aims to become a showcase for the technology to draw companies and capital by building hydrogen infrastructures. Green hydrogen produced from water using renewable energy is emission-free.

Both Singapore and Japan are making this effort as local companies Keppel Corp. and Sembcorp Industries along with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are engaged on this.

"Singapore believes that low-carbon hydrogen has the potential to be the next frontier of our efforts to reduce our emissions," Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, was quoted in a local report earlier.

For the hydrogen network, Singapore has started providing support for companies “to build power plants, create global supply chains and research related technology.”

Meanwhile, Singapore's goal in terms of hydrogen infrastructure is expected to attract other investors to the ASEAN region.


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