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Singapore to develop hydrogen as a major energy source by 2050

Singapore has announced to develop hydrogen as a major energy source to address the half of the country’s power needs by 2050.

This announcement was made by Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong at the Singapore International Energy Week.

As part of the goal, the Ministry of Trade and Industry will launch an expression of interest for a “small-scale commercial project on utilising low-carbon ammonia for power generation”, a local report mentioned.

The country is considering adopting hydrogen as a major energy source, which could be known as “National Hydrogen Strategy”.

At present, hydrogen accounts for 95 percent of Singapore’s total energy generation.

"If technology continues to advance, we foresee that hydrogen can supply up to half of our power needs by 2050, alongside domestic renewable energy sources and electricity imports," the Deputy PM was quoted.

Lately, Singapore has reduced the country's greenhouse gas emissions by 32 per cent below business-as-usual levels in 2020, which is double its earlier commitment.

The Deputy PM informed that to achieve the goal, the country will experiment on advanced hydrogen technologies including the use of low-carbon ammonia for power generation.

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