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Solar Philippines to develop Nueva Ecija solar expansion project of 3,500 MW

Solar Philippines New Energy Corp (SPNEC) has announced plans to develop the construction of its Nueva Ecija solar expansion project. The company plans to start the project which is envisioned to become the world’s biggest solar farm. The expansion project is likely to have a solar power generation capacity of 3,500 MW. According to Solar Philippines founder Leandro Leviste, the solar farm project will begin groundbreaking and construction within the year. Leandro shared, "We have ongoing discussions on shareholding arrangements in certain of our projects to find solutions that will benefit all parties.” The solar farm expansion is likely to be completed by 2026. It has been informed that the Nueva Ecija expansion project will consist of over 3,000 hectares. Since the company's first Nueva Ecija solar farm is spread across 350 hectares, the company’s total land area is now over 3,500 hectares. The company informed that the project will be funded through the proceeds of SPNEC’s capital raising activities, a local report mentioned. Solar Philippines has planned for 4 GW of solar farm developments.


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