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Solar Philippines to use 3000 hectares of land for solar projects in 2023

Solar Philippines is all set to use 3000 hectares of land for solar energy projects in 2023.

The industrial land conversion will be held in Nueva Ecija and Bulacan.

According to SP New Energy Corporation (SPNEC), it has already secured the majority of its target lands, while documentation is in the process to complete the acquisitions.

Meanwhile, it informed that it is also working on the submissions of the already fully secured lands for conversion to industrial use.

The company plans to complete the submissions process by the end of Q1 2023 and convert to industrial use by the end of this year.

Solar Philippines founder Leandro Leviste said in a statement, “Land underpins an entire project, and our landbank in Nueva Ecija and Bulacan in particular is unique, in terms of its scale and proximity to Manila.”

The company’s largest project is managed by Terra Solar Philippines Inc. It has been informed that the contract covers 850 MW of mid-merit power generated from a projected 3.5. GW solar farm and 4.5 GWh battery facility.

It has been reported that upon completion of SPNEC’s landbank in Nueva Ecija and Bulacan, it will become one of the biggest industrial ventures in the Philippines.


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