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SolarFix: Transforming Solar Energy Efficiency and Flexibility

The quest for renewable energy sources is now a worldwide imperative. Among these, solar photovoltaic (PV) energy stands out as the most cost-effective and accessible means of power generation, playing a pivotal role in steering us towards a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. SolarFix, PVH’s stationary solution, presents a pioneering substitute to solar tracking systems, ensuring the economic viability of any PV installation. By accommodating up to 3 strings on a single platform, it optimizes expenses.

SolarFix distinguishes itself with its durability and resilience across all terrains, guaranteeing peak performance even in challenging environments. Engineered for complete adaptability in module configuration and supported by a 25-year warranty, this system undergoes rigorous wind tunnel testing to ensure enduring robustness and dependability. PVH has already deployed nearly 300MW of SolarFix structures across Europe

SolarFix boasts numerous and substantial advantages. Its adaptable design ensures precise mounting, accommodating diverse environments with ease. Our solution adheres rigorously to the most stringent standards and regulations, setting a benchmark for quality and environmental responsibility. Utilizing Magnelis and coated steel, it excels in both durability and eco-friendliness, as these materials are recyclable and can be reprocessed multiple times.


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