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Solargis inks deal to provide satellite-based solar data to SEJ in Japan

Solargis has inked a deal to provide its satellite-based solar data and photovoltaic (PV) simulation services to Shift Energy Japan (SEJ).

SEJ is a part of the global Shift Energy group. The duo has already signed a long-term agreement.

According to the company, “Solargis’ PV simulation services are used by SEJ to evaluate the feasibility of a rapidly growing project pipeline of distributed 100 – 1000 kWp solar PV projects.”

These projects are spread across Japan and Southeast Asia.

It has been informed that solar irradiance data are used to monitor and assess project performance once these projects enter into operation. Under the latest agreement, Solargis’ high-resolution accurate data is used in the distributed solar space. Solargis’ solar data is known for accuracy and reliability to overcome resource and financial uncertainty.

The duo shared that the data “helps SEJ set a new standard for performance evaluation and monitoring, boosting investor confidence, and enhancing the value these solar installations bring to SEJ’s corporate and industrial (C&I) customers across Japan,” a local report mentioned.

To be noted, Japan has been expanding its solar market since the 1990s.

Marcel Suri, CEO at Solargis, was quoted in a statement, “SEJ is not alone in facing the challenges that arise from developing and operating solar projects in Japan. The country’s terrain is unique and requires sophisticated solar data and accurate PV simulations, so that investors and lenders can be certain about their current and projected returns.”

Similarly, Louis Klépal, Deputy General Manager, Shift Energy Japan, commented, “It is paramount in our business that we can measure viability and risks associated with investments. There is real potential for distributed solar power in Asia and, in Japan, we hope to answer to the growing needs of the population.”

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