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Solaria Secures Permit for 175-MW Solar Project in Spain

Spanish solar power producer Solaria Energia y Medio Ambiente SA has obtained a construction permit allowing it to install a 175MW solar farm cluster in Guadalajara province, central Spain, the company announced on Monday.

The complex, called Olivas, will consist of five facilities -- the 50-MW Oliva 1, 50-MW Oliva 2, 25-MW Oliva 3, 25-MW Oliva 4, and the 25-MW Oliva 5. These solar farms will be located in the Usanos district in the city of Guadalajara.

Solaria plans to invest close to EUR 90 million (USD 97.8m) in the Olivas project.

Once operational, the complex will generate electricity equivalent to the annual consumption of the city of Guadalajara, according to Solaria.

Olivas is the company's second project in Guadalajara, coming after the operational 626MW Cifuentes-Trillo solar complex.


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