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Solmar Consulting and Korkia to develop 1GW of solar capacity in Europe

Renewable energy developer Solmar Consulting has entered into a partnership with Finnish investor Korkia to develop 1GW of solar capacity.

The duo has entered into an agreement to develop the solar projects in southern, western and south-western Finland.

It has been informed that the construction of parks would take place by 2025–2027.

Petri Haataja, Korkia’s Vice President, Joint Venture Management, was quoted in a statement, “Finland is in sore need of more renewable energy and solar power offers a quick way to the production of it. These projects will help increase the amount of renewable energy in the summer season, in particular, as the production of wind energy is less at that time.”

He further stated that solar energy production would contribute in Finland’s electricity mix.

As per the local reports, there are over 20 projects in the pipeline with unit sizes of 40-100 MW. It stated that a 1GW of solar energy can produce approximately 1TWh of power annually.

Lauri Solin, in charge of Solmar’s project development, remarked, “Solar parks also create new opportunities for local industry and investments, as businesses find their way to the vicinity of renewable energy production.

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