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Soltec to provide 300MW of trackers for three projects to Respol in Spain

Soltec is all set to provide Repsol with 300MW of trackers for three projects in Spain.


The Spanish solar tracker manufacturer has already signed an agreement with Spanish oil and gas major Repsol for the projects.

As per the companies, the three projects will receive 5,012 trackers, with each farm to receive a similar number of devices. All the plants will have Soltec's SFOne trackers.


The projects are located in the provinces of Palencia (Castilla y León), Teruel (Aragón), and Guadalajara (Castilla La Mancha).


It has been informed that the Guadalajara project will have 1,895 trackers, the Teruel project will receive 1,575 trackers and the Palencia project will receive 1,542 trackers.


According to Soltec, the “double-row 1P tracker stands out for its high competitiveness and low profile, minimizing visual impact and maximizing energy efficiency.”


Raúl Morales, CEO of Soltec, was quoted in a statement, "We are very pleased to work with Repsol on these three projects in Spain. Repsol is a key customer for the energy transition in the country, and the synergy between large companies is the only way to decarbonize the economy while protecting biodiversity and supporting local communities.”The companies shared that the supply of the solar trackers will begin in December 2023.


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