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Sonangol to produce green hydrogen by 2024

According to a news statement issued by Sonangol today, the agreement is the result of prior technical and economic feasibility studies for the funding, construction, and operation of a plant in Angola for the production of green hydrogen and associated products.

The goal is to sell the product both locally and internationally, in nations like Germany, in order to create jobs.

According to the statement, “despite the production of alternative energy, Angola will continue to explore hydrocarbons, with appropriate regard to sustainability and respect for the environment,” Minister of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas Diamantino Azevedo said during the signing ceremony. environment”.

Sonangol’s president, Gaspar Martins, stated that the company is positioned as a hydrocarbon company “with a focus on diversifying its business portfolio, which includes the production and commercialization of green hydrogen and its derivatives, as well as biofuels, among other things, through its Research and Development Center.”

With the launch of green hydrogen production in 2024, the following phases include the preparation of the comprehensive technical project and the contracting of the contractor, among other things.

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