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South Korea’s largest PV project of 200 MW begins construction

Korea Electric Power Corp. (Kepco) has started construction of a 200 MW solar park in South Korea.

Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co, a unit of Kepco, will be handling the project. It has been informed that the project will be built at a former salt farm in South Jeolla Province.

The project is based in the Honam region, on the southwestern tip of the Korean peninsula.

To be noted, this province has the largest number of renewable energy projects, which are under development in South Korea.

According to the company, the solar plant will be owned by a group of local residents, a unit of LG, Hoban Industrial, Haedong Construction,and Kepco itself.

This solar project, which will feature bifacial modules, is expected to generate around 270 GWh of electricity annually.

The project is likely to begin commercial operations by June next year.

This will be the largest PV plant in South Korea, as the previous largest is a 150 MW solar park in Sinan county.

Last year, South Korea's total solar installation capacity reached around 22 GW, while it plans to install 30.8 GW by the end of this decade.


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