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SP New Energy secures over 4000 hectares for solar projects in Philippines

SP New Energy Corporation (SPNEC) has secured over 4000 hectares to boost its solar projects in the Philippines.

SPNEC, along with its subsidiaries, secured the land mostly in the provinces of Nueva Ecija, Bulacan, Tarlac, and Batangas.

It has been informed that out of these, over 3000 hectares is possible through sale or contracts to sell and over 1000 hectares through contracts to lease. Among these, over 2000 hectares have been approved for conversion to industrial use, a local report mentioned.

As per SPNEC, it is focused on “growing its assets as part of its consolidation of projects of Solar Philippines Power Project Holdings.”

“We thank all who have helped us grow SPNEC’s assets, from its initial 352 hectares to over 4000 hectares, and from a single project to a portfolio of projects operating, under construction, and under development. It is time for us to build upon what we have so far, and work on turning these hectares into megawatts,” Solar Philippines founder Leandro Leviste was quoted in a statement.

Currently, SPNEC’s assets include over 400 MW of projects over 4000 hectares. The projects are either in operation or under construction.


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