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Spain comes up with a proposal to regulate renewable energy communities

Spain’s Ministry of Ecological Transition (MITECO) has come up with a proposal to regulate renewable energy communities.

To be noted, energy communities mean projects defined by community ownership and primarily for self-consumption. The proposal mentions that no member can have more than 51% of the voting shares of a community.

The latest development comes as the Spanish government plans “to allocate a dedicated capacity for renewable energy community projects, which includes community solar, in new tenders.”

A local report mentioned that the “inclusion of community solar in renewable auctions could boost interest from a market and could add interest in solar PV.”

Though 1.8GW of capacity was allocated to solar PV, there was no winning bid in the latest tender. In Spain, the solar self-consumption market achieved 2.5 GW of installed capacity in 2022.

Meanwhile, the ministry proposal also includes freeing of up to 5% of grid capacity for new installations from renewable communities.


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