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Spain’s first industrial facility for renewable hydrogen is already operating

Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca, led by Enagás and ACCIONA Energía, also featuring IDEA and CEMEX, is the first project in southern Europe to be scaled up to a plant. At the same time, it represents a complete ecosystem for green hydrogen use, a value chain that can be copied on other European islands.

Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca, Spain’s first industrial-sized green hydrogen plant, which will produce at least 300 tonnes per year to serve various energy needs on the Balearic island. The project is more than just a generating plant, however; it consists of a complete ecosystem of infrastructure and equipment conceived for the use of renewable hydrogen, part of Green Hysland, a program subsidized by the European Union.

The green hydrogen facility at Lloseta is powered by two photovoltaic plants close to the installation. This renewable energy source is precisely what guarantees the “green” label attached to the hydrogen produced, since it results in no polluting gases discharged to the atmosphere.

To certify the clean nature of the electricity, the plant uses the platform GreenH2Chain, developed by ACCIONA Energía, a pioneering tool in the sector based on Blockchain technology. GreenH2Chain is able to trace, anywhere in the world and in real time, the renewable origin of the electricity generated and check with certainty that the supply is 100% clean.


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