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Spain’s Portaventura World to build a huge solar power park

Spain’s largest tourism spot Portaventura World is all set to build a huge solar power park.

This huge entertainment complex will have the solar park which will be the size of nine football pitches. It has already received permit to build a solar power park with 11,000 panels.

The amusement park is located around 56 miles south of Barcelona. The project is said to have an investment of €5 million.

The latest development comes at a time when Spain has almost passed an unpopular law to bring in energy saving measures to help Europe cope with energy crisis.

A local report mentioned that Portaventura attracts 500,000 tourists on average every year. It is a part of Paradores, Spain’s chain of 97 luxury state-run hotels.

Choni Fernández, head of sustainability at Portaventura was quoted in a statement, “This solar park is another example of our commitment to sustainability and decarbonisation. Portaventura World will take another step towards becoming a truly sustainable complex powered by energy autonomously.”

Meanwhile, José Miguel Moreno, sustainability director of Paradores, remarked, “We also want to replace gas oil boilers and use solar power as well as other forms of renewable energy to make all the paradores more sustainable as part of our plan for the future.”


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