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Spain sets a record of running for 9 hours entirely on wind, solar and hydro

Spain has set a new record after running for 9 hours entirely on wind, solar and hydro.

This has been termed as a new milestone as Spain as it is among a handful of countries leading the push toward renewable energy.

As per a local report, “energy generated from wind, sun, and water managed to meet the needs of mainland Spain from 10am to 7pm last week.” It was on a weekday with the regular energy demand.

In Spain, renewable energy has grown significantly in the past few years, as the share of renewables in electricity generation is growing worldwide. The shift to green energy has been a help to fight the climate crisis by reducing emissions.

A local report mentioned that in Spain, the addition of solar panels has had a dual effect as it adds energy into the gird system while reducing the demand for other sources of energy when the sun is out.

As per the statistics, Spain’s total power capacity is 118 gigawatts, with wind making up 29 gigawatts or 22% of the whole.

The country is going through a huge drive in the installation of renewables, particularly PV, with a strong increase in their total generation capacity.

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