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Spain sets new record high of wind and solar generation in 2022

Spain is all set to end the year with a new record high of wind and solar generation of 61 TWh and 28 TWh, respectively.

According to the statistics of TSO Red Electric, wind generation was on track to be 1% higher than last year, while solar was 33% higher. This means that this year is set to beat the previous record high in 2021 of 20.4 TWh for solar production and 59.2 TWh for wind, it stated.

The final data will be out in early January.

According to Red Electrica, the latest development is due to the connection of 4.6 GW in new green capacity to the grid this year. However, it is said to be still below the 5.9 GW as expected by Spain’s green lobbies.

As per the estimations, gas-fired plants are likely to be the largest contributors to the energy mix this year at 24.8% followed by wind in second place at 22.1%.

Meanwhile, Spain is set to become a net exporter of power for the first time in six years, as per the TSO. The European country was able to send 20 TWh power to neighbouring countries in 2022.


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