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Spain starts to review approvals for hybrid wind-solar projects

Spain's Ministry for the Ecological Transition has started to review approvals for renewable projects.

It has been informed that these projects combine PV with wind power. It comes at a time as Spain hosts one of the world's first hybrid wind-solar projects.

According to the local reports, the developers include Spanish energy developer Iberdrola, renewables producer Acciona, project developer Forestalia, energy company Ignis, and Enel Green Power.

Out of these, Iberdrola has the largest share, which is divided into 11 proposals. It includes some initiatives to hybridize existing plants and some to develop new hybrid schemes.

Iberdrola has planned to develop a series of solar plants for connecting them to existing wind facilities in Spain.

On the other side, Acciona, has a proposal to hybridize a wind power facility with a 31.4 MW solar plant. Similarly, the other proposal includes a wind plant with a 26.5 MW PV array.

The company plans to hybridize two wind facilities in Palencia with a 31 MW solar facility and a wind power plant in Albacete with a 52 MW solar farm.

Similarly, Ignis has planned to build a 282.2 MW hybrid plant, while Enerpal plans to build a 30 MW solar installation. Enel Green Power plans to deploy a 259.2 MW plant while Forestalia plans to couple a 42.5 MW solar plant with two existing wind facilities.


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