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Spain to generate more than half of power from renewables this year: Forecast

Spain is likely to generate more than half of its power from renewable sources this year, according to a latest energy forecast.

Upon achievement of this feat, Spain would be the first of the top five European countries by power demand.

As per the forecast, the country will achieve the significant decarbonization milestone this year. It has been reported that the renewable-sourced generation could surpass the 50% average in 2023.

It means the country will beat France, Germany, Italy and the UK in the region.

To be noted, Spain has been a pioneer in the European renewables sector with huge investments in solar and wind capacity over the last 10 years.

“In particular, the country was an early adopter of onshore wind technology that now accounts for more than 20% of Spain’s power generation,” the forecast report mentioned, adding that “significant solar PV investments have also ramped up capacity and related generation in recent years.”

Fabian Rønningen, a senior analyst on the renewables & power team at Rystad Energy was quoted in the report, "Spain's renewable energy achievements come as no surprise given its history of strategic investments and early adoption.”

He further added, "Its progress should be a clear benchmark for counterparts and serve as testament to the attainability of a cleaner energy future."


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