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Spain to hold auction for wind and solar projects on November

Spain has announced to hold an auction for wind and solar projects on November 22.

The Spanish ministry for the ecological transition announced that the auction will be held for a total of 3,300 MW of capacity.

The latest announcement is followed by the earlier announcement that the government is considering holding a competition for 520 MW of concentrated solar power distributed solar PV, biomass and biogas projects.

The ministry informed that the project developers will be vying for 1,800 MW of solar PV and 1,500 MW of wind power. It further said that the auction will be conducted under the pay-as-bid pricing rules.

Citing the latest ongoing crisis in the world, the ministry shared that it has also come up with new measures to improve energy efficiency and cut down waste of electricity. For this, the ministry has accelerated the permitting procedures for power grid projects.

Furthermore, Spain has also decided to offer state aid to energy storage projects hybridised with renewables.

Among different measures, the government has also decided to update Spain’s national energy and climate plan.

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