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Spanish company Cepsa to ship green hydrogen to northern Europe

Spanish oil and gas company Cepsa is all set to ship green hydrogen from southern Spain to northern Europe.

The company announced that it has already signed an agreement with the Dutch port of Rotterdam for the same. It is a move of the company to diversify into green energy.

This comes at a time when green hydrogen has been a popular component to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the company, it plans to to boost hydrogen production up to 4.6 million tonnes by 2030. This will be possible as there is an advantage of cheap solar energy in the Spanish region of Andalusia, which gets a good sunshine.

“Spain is ideally placed to become a world leader in the production and export of green hydrogen, given its strategic location, abundant generation of renewable energies, and its robust energy infrastructures and keyports,” Cepsa’s CEO Marten Wetselaar was quoted in the statement.

According to Allard Castelein, the CEO of Rotterdam port, around 20 million tonnes of green hydrogen will flow through the port by 2050.

The company informed that it is likely to start shipping the hydrogen from the port of Algeciras to a hub in Rotterdam from as early as 2027. It further shared that the shipped green hydrogen will be used to power industry in northern Europe.


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