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Spanish Seville City to purchase energy from renewables for 43 sports facilities

Spanish Seville City Council has called a tender for the purchase of energy from renewable sources for its sports facilities.

It has announced the tender for an annual consumption of 6,617,626 kWh.

According to the statement, renewable energy will be used to cover the supply of 43 facilities. This initiative is part of the Action Plan for Sustainable Energy and Climate.

It further stated that it “involves the reduction of polluting emissions and energy consumed with certification of sustainable origin, to cover the energy needs of the supply of 43 facilities in 25 sports complexes for swimming pools, soccer fields, sports centers or outdoor courts.”

The Council has mentioned that the bidder must prove the renewable origin through the control system and issuance of guarantees of the National Energy Commission, a report mentioned.

David Guevara, an official of Ecological Transition and Sports of the Seville City Council, shared that besides the use of renewable power, there will be other measures to use efficient equipment in public lighting and in sports facilities.

“These measures -assured Guevara- continue the line of work related to the fight against climate change, energy saving and efficiency, and sustainability. Our goal maintains the trend of turning Seville into a greener city that is committed to the environment through the initiatives included in the PACES and that we continue to implement in our public services,” he was quoted in the statement.

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