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Sponsored: Solar Energy for Your Home with APsystems

Updated: Apr 11

More and more people in apartment buildings are deciding to have their own solar system on their home. The decisive factor is often the increased electricity prices, but also the simplification of legal regulations and a growing ecological awareness make purchasing and operating your own balcony power plant even more attractive.

According to Statista, more than 300,000 plug-in solar devices, so-called balcony power plants, were already in operation in Germany in 2023. APsystems, a manufacturer of multi-module inverters, is responding to strong demand with a new balcony power plant that, according to the company, is easy to monitor.

It consists of the “EZ1” microinverter in combination with the “River1600” battery storage system. The “EZ1” series of microinverters was designed specifically for balcony power plants in Germany. They have Bluetooth and WiFi so that solar data is transmitted in real time directly to the user's smartphone. In the “AP EasyPower” app, users can monitor and check energy production. The user can view the following data: the operating status of the individual solar modules, live data from each “EZ1” device, an overview of the overall performance of solar production and the CO₂ reduction over the operating period.

No additional device is required for monitoring. The Bluetooth function also allows cell phones to be connected directly to the microinverter without the need for a WiFi network or internet connection


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