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Stadtwerke Stralsund Unveils 11 GWh Solar Thermal Project in Germany

German municipal utility SWS Stadtwerke Stralsund announced on Thursday the start of construction work on a solar thermal plant which is expected to be the third largest in Germany with a planned output of 11 GWh of heat.

The facility will be built in the city of Stralsund in northern Germany, covering an area equal to five soccer pitches.

The estimated heat production should meet over 10% of the needs of the Knieper/Gruenhufe district heating area, SWS said.

The plant will be constructed by German company Viessmann Climate Solutions SE, a subsidiary of US heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems maker Carrier Global (NYSE:CARR).

The first solar modules will be installed in 2024. The facility is expected to become operational in the middle of 2025.

The project is in line with Stadtwerke Stralsund’s aim to use sustainable heat sources and continuously increase the share of renewable energy. Thanks to earlier projects, the utility has already raised the portion of renewable energy to 30%, meeting the 2030 target for district heating set by the German government ahead of schedule.


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