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Statera's Success in Securing Record Contracts in the UK's Capacity Market Illuminates a Solar-Powered Future

Statera has provisionally secured contracts for 670MW of capacity in the latest Capacity Market auctions, set to commence in October 2027. This achievement comes at a record T-4 clearing price of £65/kW. The Capacity Market plays a crucial role in ensuring the UK’s electricity supply security by guaranteeing the availability of ample backup power.

The contracts secured predominantly pertain to Statera’s Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). Notably, 150MW of capacity has been secured at Thurrock, adding to the existing 300MW total contracted capacity, and an additional 290MW has been secured at Exeter. These projects are scheduled for operational readiness by 2025 and 2027, respectively. Awarded 15-year contracts, they are poised to enhance system flexibility and contribute significantly to security of supply.

Moreover, Statera has successfully secured T-1 contracts for the upcoming winter season. These contracts are for its Minety 2 (50MW) and Dollymans (100MW) operational BESS sites, strategically located in Wiltshire and Essex, respectively.


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