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Statkraft joins Swedish wind body

Statkraft has joined Sweden’s wind association, Svensk Vindenergi.

Statkraft, owned by the Norwegian state, is one of Sweden's largest producers of renewable energy, through hydropower, wind power, district heating and energy trading.

The energy supplier is investing in hydrogen, wind, solar and battery projects and operates four wind farms in Sweden, totalling 547MW.

Statkraft’s updated strategy focuses on increased expansion of renewable energy, which creates good conditions for the development of new wind power projects.

Daniel Badman, CEO of Svensk Vindenergi, said: “The need for renewable energy is increasing with the green transition that the whole of Europe is to make.

“We have good relationships with customers through energy trading and want to contribute with new power generation in the transition.

“We see the membership in Svensk Vindenergi as important to contribute to long-term and clear rules of the game for wind power both on land and at sea.

“We look forward to a good dialogue and cooperation with Svensk Vindenergi.”

Svensk Vindenergi has 143 members.


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