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Sun’Agri joins hands with RWE for development of Agri-PV in France

Sun’Agri and RWE have entered a strategic partnership to accelerate the development of Agri-PV in France. Both the companies are agricultural photovoltaic groups.

The duo informed that the “collaboration will operationally support the implementation of integrated solutions.”

According to Sun’Agri, its patented technology is used in more than 20 farms in France alone, along with other projects globally.

Director of Sun’Agri Cecile Magherini was quoted in a statement, “I’m delighted to enter into this partnership with RWE, a company that is committed to Agri-PV. Together, we aim to create a strong synergy between agriculture and green electricity production. This collaboration is in perfect harmony with our CSR policy and we will intensify our impact by combining our expertise. I am looking forward to our teams getting down to work.”

Meanwhile, RWE Renewables Europe & Australia chief executive Katja Wenschel remarked, “All the scenarios to electrify our economy are converging towards a significant increase in the number of solar farms installed in France. “

According to RWE, it pledges strong cooperation with players in the agricultural sector and for implementation of solar projects.

Katja further added, “Agri-PV is an integrated part of the RWE Group’s strategy in France, with solar power plants designed from the outset to meet the needs of the agriculture sector.”


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