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Sungrow to supply 480 MW PV project in Chile

The global leading inverter solution supplier Sungrow has announced that it will work on a 480 MW PV plant in Chile.

For this, the company will supply its turnkey PV inverter solutions and PV panel cleaning solutions.

It has been reported that the project is expected to be "Chile's largest and will contribute to the country's long-term energy policy 2050."

The project is spread over an area of over 400 hectares. The project will generate 1,145 GWh annually, which can power 7,5000 households.

The project is located in Chile's Atacama Desert which has extreme dryness and high solar radiation levels. According to the company, "as a result of the optimal IP65 high protection capability, Sungrow's SG6250HV-MV inverter solution is resilient to sandy and dry conditions."

The solution has features like the anti-PID (Potential Induced Degradation) function and a built-in DC energy storage interface, the company said.

"Our actions are firmly grounded in customer demands, to offer best-in-class products and services needed to thrive in a low-carbon world. We believe that being a part of the Atacama project is a tremendous opportunity for Sungrow to create even more customer value and business growth," James Wu, Vice President of Sungrow, remarked.

PowerChina Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited (HDEC) will look after the project's EPC. The duo has already worked together for over 1GW of total installations across the Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

"Chile is leading the way in sustainable development and sets a severe requirement for the project stakeholders. We value Sungrow's extensive and proven experience and are excited about what is to come with this agreement as Sungrow works towards minimizing LCOE and streamlining O&M," Liu Chengxi, General Manager of Americas, HDEC, commented.

The project is expected to complete commissioning in 2023.

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