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Supernap Thailand opens up first solar project in data center in Thailand

Supernap Thailand has opened up their first solar project to power the most advanced data center in Thailand.

The company celebrated the official opening, which reflected its position as the most sustainable colocation provider in the country.

The company aims to “cater to the green goals of global environmental protection, minimizing environmental impact by providing maximum energy efficiency and renewable energy is an urgent priority for cutting edge data centers,” a local media reported.

Yap Jin Yi, Chief Executive Officer of the company stated that Supernap has always been the leader in the industry of the region. In addition, renewable energy has been an energy efficient infrastructure for data center sustainability.

He stated that “powering the data center IT load with renewable energy and being the most sustainable data center is another step to reinforce the position as frontrunner in the digital infrastructure in Thailand.”

WHA Utilities and Power Plc. (WHAUP) was selected to install the solar power system to the data center.

“Supernap (Thailand) delivers higher service capabilities than any data center in Southeast Asia. Having Supernap (Thailand) as our solar power customer reinforces WHAUP’s expertise and reputation as one of the leading service providers of solar power systems in Thailand”, Somkiat Masunthasuwun, Chief Executive Officer at WHA Utilities and Power Plc., was quoted in a statement.


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