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SUSI Partners secure financing for 107MW solar projects in Chile

SUSI Partners has secured debt financing for a 107MW portfolio of solar projects in Chile.

It has been reported that the portfolio is acquired by SUSI as part of a framework agreement with Chilean renewables developer BIWO Renovables.

It further informed that the greenfield distributed generation projects are currently under construction. The entire portfolio is likely to be fully operational by the end of 2024.

According to the company, the debt financing deal is with the Chilean bank Banco de Créditoe Inversiones (BCI) and DNB.

The company is working on behalf of its SETF fund. SETF fund includes clean energy generation, energy efficiency, battery energy storage, customer energy solutions and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, a local report mentioned.

As per SUSI, it plans to expand its footprint in the rapidly growing Chilean clean power market in the future.

The company stated, “the projects exemplify SUSI’s commitment to best-practice ESG standards, which is increasingly an important factor in securing debt financing from top-tier financial institutions.”


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