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Telefônica and Santo Afonso to start joint operation of four solar PV plants in Brazil

Telefônica Brasil has entered a partnership with Santo Afonso Energética for the joint operation of four solar photovoltaic plants.

The photovoltaic plants are located in Janaúba municipality, Minas Gerais state.

According to Santo Afonso, it has at least six plants under development in the city. To be noted, Santo Afonso is a Brazilian energy firm but owned by a Canadian asset manager.

Meanwhile, Telefônica stated that it had 55 renewable energy plants in operation so far, a local report mentioned. The company has planned to build 85 plants under its distributed generation program.

The companies shared that their partnership could complement each other’s expertise which could be beneficial for development of renewable energy in the country.

The project means another source of renewable energy for Telefônica, while Santo Afonso will benefit from access to more resources for the plants’ maintenance, it is reported.

As per Telefônica, in Brazil, it has many renewable energy providers including Grupo Gera, Voltxs, Voltalia, TMW Energia and Athon.

Telefônica is engaged in the development of generation projects, including construction, operation, and maintenance of plants, in addition to the generation and sale of energy.


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