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Ten million Dollars in Prizes Available for Community Solar Projects

The US Community Solar Accelerator Award (Round 2) expects nominations through October 4. The National Association of Community Solar Energy of the Department of Energy of the United States (Department of Energy, DoE), which announced the launch of this second round a few weeks ago, recalls that the prizes awarded by this contest (10 million dollars in total) they aim to "accelerate" the development of community solar projects driven by start-up entities, community organizations, local governments and tribal organizations.

Competitors will participate in three phases of competition—Ready!, Set! and Grow! —with up to 25 winners selected in each round. Individually, each competitor can win up to $400,000 over the course of the prize. "Community solar energy -they explain from the DoE- is a form of solar energy generation that allows all members of the community to access the significant benefits of renewable energy, particularly those with low to moderate incomes, tenants and those for whom traditional rooftop solar is not available. According to the US Department of Energy, the award is a critical component of the Community Energy Accelerator, "a network of developers, investors, philanthropists, and community organizations that work together to ensure that equitable community solar projects are properly financed and deployed." .

These cash awards will enable mission-aligned developers and other groups to expand their staff and operations, and design and implement multiple community solar projects that use replicable business models and prioritize equitable access. These projects and models will expand community solar power and generate new capital for community solar power across the country.

In addition to winning cash prizes, winners will participate in a learning lab and receive technical assistance to further expand their project portfolios and prepare them for financing. Through this process, teams will develop skills critical to deploying hundreds of megawatts of equitable community solar, supporting the NCSP goal of 20 gigawatts by 2025.


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