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Thailand launches new department to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2065

Thailand has launched a new department focused on eliminating greenhouse gas emissions by 2065.

The new department is named as the Department of Climate Change and Environment, which is handled by the ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

It has been informed that the new department will handle “proposing and developing strategies, plans, and programmes on climate change and greenhouse gas reduction.

The ministry’s other departments include the Office of the Secretary, the Strategic and International Cooperation Division, the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Division, and others, a local report mentioned.

According to the government spokesperson Trisulee Traisoranaku, “the department’s mission is to enable Thailand to achieve its goal of being carbon neutral by 2050 and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2065.”

Thailand has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2050 though 70% of its power still generates from fossil fuels.

To be noted, Thailand boasts the world’s largest floating solar farm based on top of the Sirindhorn Dam in northeastern Thailand.

It has been informed that the farm has over 144,000 solar panels, and generates electricity from sunlight during the day and hydropower at night. The farm went into operation last year.

Meanwhile, Thailand has planned to come up with 15 more floating solar farms.


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