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Thailand passes regulation for FIT scheme for renewable energy

Thailand has endorsed a regulation to set up a FIT scheme for renewable energy.

The Energy Regulatory Commission of Thailand passed it for utility-scale solar, battery energy storage, wind, and biogas.

This is a new program which was not included in Thailand’s Power Development Plan 2018-37.

According to the regulation, there will be a 25-year FIT of THB 2,1679 ($0.057)/kWh for solar and a 25-year FIT of THB 2,8331/kWh for solar plus storage, a report mentioned.

It has been reported that there will be different quota from 2024. For solar it will be 100 MW per year to 2030, for solar and storage, it will be 190 MW in 2024, 290 MW in 2025, 258 MW in 2026, 440 MW in 2028, 310MW in 2029, and 390 MW in 2030, as per the authorities.

As per the regulation, solar producers must be 51% Thai-owned. It is estimated to limit participation of the producers. The projects will be evaluated based on land availability, technology, funding, and planning.

Currently, the country has 3.47 GW of installed solar capacity.


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