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Thailand’s B.Grimm to invest $200 million in renewable power plants in Europe

Thailand’s power producer B.Grimm has planned to invest $200 million in renewable power plants in Europe.

So far, B.Grimm Power has already built more than 20 power plants in seven countries in Asia and one in Europe.

B.Grimm is part of the B.Grimm conglomerate. Among Thailand’s small power producers, this company has the largest energy-generating capacity.

According to Siriwong Borvornboonrutai, BGRIM’s Executive Vice President for Finance and Accounting, they plan to develop power plants with a combined capacity of 100-150 MW in Europe.

For this, the company has already acquired two companies RES Company Sicilia, an Italian renewable energy developer, and Visa Max Solar to develop the 14.1MW Zel 1 wind power project in Poland. It also has four assets in South Korea including three offshore wind farms and an onshore wind farm.

According to B.Grimm, it aims to increase total power capacity to 10 gigawatts within 2030.


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