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The Castellón group Valfortec connects 9 MW of photovoltaics in Chile

Specifically, as the Valencian company explains in a statement, the 'Panguilemo' photovoltaic park, located in the homonymous municipality of the Maule Region, has a power of 3 MW and will generate an electrical production of 4,250 MWh/year. It will produce clean energy for all nearby homes and avoid 2,580 tons of CO2 per year.

In second place is the 'Linares' photovoltaic park, deployed in the municipality of Linares (Maule Region). This installation also has a power of 3 MW and will produce 4,570 MWh/year. Thanks to the connection of Linares to the electrical grid, the emission of 4,556 tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere will be avoided. Furthermore, the company estimates that, thanks to this connection, the polluting use of 1,846 tons of coal per year will be eliminated.

And finally, the third photovoltaic park connected by Valfortec in 2023 was 'Teno III'. This infrastructure is located in the Teno Commune, also in the aforementioned Maule Region. It has exactly the same power, 3 MW, and its estimated annual energy production will be 4,360 MWh. With the green energy generated in Teno III, CO2 emissions will also be considerably reduced: 4,747 tons per year - they predict -. And in addition, 1,761 tons of CO2 will be saved, according to their data.


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