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Top 5 PV Module Supplier in Brazil

Currently, Brazil's installed capacity has reached 13.5GW, and its newly installed PV capacity may reach 11.9 GW in 2022, including 8.9 GW from distributed generation, which includes all PV systems not exceeding 5 MW in size, and 3.2 GW from utility-scale solar.

Brazilian authorities introduced new rules to ensure that PV systems below 5 MW in size would still be eligible for net metering tariffs until 2045. A grid fee for prosumers will go into effect from 2023, but the economic profitability of rooftop PV and small solar parks is expected to remain high.

According to customs data, from January 2021 to the present, the total export volume of Brazil is 2.76 billion US dollars. And the current shipment ranking of PV module suppliers is shown in the figure below, the top 5 PV module supplier in Brazil are :Trina Solar , Risen , Canadian Solar, Longi Solar and Jinko Solar.

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