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In order to develop green ammonia imports into Europe, the French renewable energy producer Total Eren and the German gas business VNG AG intend to work together.

Accordingly, the businesses have agreed to work together to import green hydrogen in the form of ammonia from Total Eren’s green hydrogen projects around the world. The agreement also covers hydrogen sales beginning in 2028 to the German and European markets.

From 2028 on, VNG will be able to offtake the green ammonia on the German coast and make it available to its customers directly or in the form of hydrogen thanks to a partnership between Total Eren and VNG Handel & Vertrieb (H&V), the company’s trade and sales arm.

Together with other businesses, Total Eren and VNG H&V are a part of the H2Global Foundation, which aims to create a viable hydrogen market in Germany.

In order to create value locally and regionally in East Germany, VNG and its subsidiaries are currently proposing the building of a hydrogen and carbon hub in the Rostock region. Additionally, VNG H&V is in discussions with clients to assess their needs for green hydrogen and ammonia in the future and to finalize first purchase agreements.

For its part, Total Eren is presently engaged in a number of significant green hydrogen projects across the globe, including those in South America, Africa, and Australia. Through these initiatives, clean and dependable energy in the form of green hydrogen or its derivatives will be made available on a worldwide scale.


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