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TPIPP to replace coal usage with renewable energy in Thailand

TPI Polene Power Plc (TPIPP) has planned to continue its five-year capital expenditure plan to replace coal usage with renewable energy sources in Thailand.

TPI, which is the leading waste-to-energy project developer and operator, has a capital expenditure plan of 14 billion baht.

The plan kicked off last year, as the company aims to increase its power generation capacity.

According to Worawit Lerdbussarakam, the company’s vice president, TPIPP has earmarked 3 billion baht for projects focused on reducing coal imports and eliminating coal-fired power generation by 2026.

By next year, coal usage is projected to decrease by 30% to 150MW of the new total capacity of 502MW, the company informed.

The company further stated that “all power plants would be coal-free by 2026, with the total power generation capacity increasing to 538MW.”

Meanwhile, TPIPP will focus on solar farms and rooftop solar energy for power generation.


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