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Trina Solar Driving The Solar Industry Into The 600W+ Era, Reducing The Cost Of Energy

Low-carbon development has become a global megatrend. The International Renewable Energy Agency forecasts that solar PV capacity will reach a total of more than 14,000GW by 2050 in a scenario where carbon emissions are reduced sufficiently to cap the increase in global warming to 1.5°C.

Solar energy’s key advantage over conventional sources of energy is its ability to help the planet transition away from fossil fuels as well as reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE). According to BloombergNEF, solar LCOE has fallen 84% over the past 10 years.

Trina Solar, adopting a user-centred approach, has steadfastly advocated the LCOE-oriented principle.

Dr Franck Zhang, Trina Solar head of product strategy and marketing, says the Vertex 600W+ module is a product that fully meets the four keys to unlocking low LCOE.

Almost all top solar companies have developed 600W+ products, as evidenced in recent events such as Intersolar South America and Intersolar Europe, with about 30 companies exhibiting more than 40 600W+ modules. With various products on the market, the solar sector has entered the 600W+ era.

In a recent interview, Zhang talked in detail about 600W+ modules, the significance of the LCOE-oriented principle, new technology trends and responding strategies, and Trina Solar's strategic positioning and planning.

Zhang said: "The LCOE-oriented principle is from the result of our real-world experience. The development of the solar industry proves that what we call the four keys are essential for reducing LCOE. By putting forward the LCOE-oriented principle we hope to boost R&D and commercialization of products that meet the LCOE-oriented principle for high-quality and sustainable development of the PV industry."


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