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TTP, Ionomr Innovations to jointly develop low-cost electrolysers

UK-based technology developer TTP plc has teamed up with Canadian ion-exchange products maker Ionomr Innovations Inc in an effort to facilitate the manufacturing scale-up of low-cost electrolysers for green hydrogen production.

The duo said in a joint statement on Tuesday it will seek to deliver electrolysers capable of producing green hydrogen with low operating and capital costs. TTP and Ionomr intend to take a novel approach to material selection and leverage high-volume manufacturing processes used in other industries.

The goal is to make the new electrolyser commercially available within three years.

The partnership will benefit from Ionomr’s anion exchange product Aemion+ and intellectual property from TTP. The latter is holding talks with electrolyser operators and accepting enquiries for pilot system installations, the statement says.

“We are delighted to form this partnership with TTP. They have the scale and the experience necessary to integrate our advanced materials into a new electrolyser technology that could revolutionize how electrochemical stacks, and green hydrogen, are produced in the future,” commented Bill Haberlin, CEO for Ionomr Innovations.


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