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UAE adopts innovative policies to to achieve net zero emissions

The UAE is adopting innovative policies in an effort to boost clean energy.

It comes after the country announced the UAE Net Zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative last year. The UAE has planned to be the first Middle East and North Africa (MENA) nation to achieve net zero emissions.

Thus, the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy is adopting innovative policies to achieve its vision for a more sustainable future.

Ahmed Al Rumaithi, Undersecretary of the Department shared that the “DoE is currently working on developing the Abu Dhabi Hydrogen Policy and Regulatory Framework.”

The framework will include the Low Carbon Hydrogen Certification Regulatory Policy, technical standards, and licensing procedures, a local report mentioned.

Among many, hydrogen has emerged as one suitable clean energy option. To achieve this, Abu Dhabi is relying on its resources and capabilities to form a national hydrogen strategy.

The country plans to become a pioneer in the international hydrogen market. It is already regarded as the world’s third largest producer of solar power.

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