UAE launches federal law to regulate linkage of distributed renewable energy to grid

The UAE has come up with a new federal law for regulating the linkage of distributed renewable energy units to the country’s electrical grid.

The country announced the new law in a bid to to push the renewable energy share in its overall power mix.

According to the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure , the law focuses on reducing the carbon footprint and cutting down demand for electricity at peak times from distribution networks.

It has been informed that the distributed generation means technologies that generate electricity at solar panels and fuel cells.

The regulation comes at a time when there are efforts being made to benefit from areas of integration among federal and local government agencies along with the private sector.

It is expected to contribute to the UAE’s efforts towards achieving net zero emissions by 2050. The country plans to invest $160 billion in clean and renewable energy by that time.

As per the UAE Energy Plan 2050, the country has a target to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 70 percent and increase clean energy use by 50 percent.

“The UAE continues to develop the legislative and legal system that guarantees a low-carbon future, in a manner that bolsters the course of successive achievements and gains achieved by the country in the climate neutrality issue,” Suhail Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, was quoted.

It has been reported that the new law will be applicable to the operation of electricity distribution production units, producers and service providers, which also consists of the economic, free and investment zones.

Meanwhile, a local report mentioned that the ministry will also put the law into force in cooperation with the relevant federal and local authorities.

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