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UK’s first hydrogen-electric truck featuring Luxfer Gas Cylinders

The HGV is the first vehicle of its sort to be manufactured, engineered, and mass-produced in the United Kingdom.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders, a Nottingham-based company specializing in alternative fuels, has partnered with Tevva Hydrogen Electric Trucks to launch the first mass-produced hydrogen-electric truck in the United Kingdom. This historic event is the result of a collaboration between Luxfer Gas Cylinders and Tevva Hydrogen Electric Trucks.

The 7.5-tonne HGV is the first hydrogen fuel cell-supported vehicle constructed, conceived, and mass-produced in the United Kingdom.

It has a plug-and-play hydrogen storage system that was created and built in partnership with Tevva engineers and alternative fuel specialists at Luxfer’s Nottingham headquarters over the course of three months.

Tevva, with the assistance of Luxfer experts, has modified its battery-electric HGV design to accept a hydrogen fuel cell system that recharges the battery and increases the truck’s range to 310 miles (500km). It makes the zero-emissions solution accessible to a wider variety of fleet owners by providing a truck that can transport heavier loads over greater distances.

Jim Gregory, European Business Development Manager at Luxfer Gas Cylinders, explains: “We were approached by Tevva in October 2020 because they were looking for a partner that focuses on safety and innovation, could meet their supplier code of conduct ethos, and has a shared vision to help make hydrogen the accessible and sustainable clean fuel of today.

“The system – designed using three of our G-Stor® H2 cylinders – was fit for purpose and could be slotted into their existing structure seamlessly.

“This solution offers the best of both worlds, and we’re hugely proud to have been involved in bringing the concept to fruition in what is a landmark launch, showcasing how the UK is leading the way in hydrogen technology.”

A Tevva REX Team spokesperson commented: “The team at Luxfer Gas Cylinders has been a great support to us from our initial prototype work to this milestone of launching our first hydrogen electric truck. We look forward to continuing to work with Luxfer as we make further improvements to the design of the bespoke hydrogen storage system ahead of the 7.5T hydrogen electric vehicle entering production.”

Luxfer has an 80-year history in gas containment and a specialized alternative fuel factory in Colwick, Nottingham, which is expanding. It is responsible for providing hydrogen storage systems to international transportation customers.

Luxfer’s cylinders are among the world’s highest-capacity, quickest-refilling, and lightest Type 3 alternative fuel cylinders, making them perfect for heavy-duty trucks, garbage vehicles, buses, trains, and bulk gas transportation modules.


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