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Vattenfall and Preem to study decarbonization using offshore wind and hydrogen

In order to quickly transition from fossil-free fuels, starting no later than 2030, Vattenfall and Preem will now enter a feasibility phase to evaluate the possibility of accelerating the development of a value chain connecting offshore wind and hydrogen with the refining industry on the Swedish west coast.

By using fossil-free electricity and hydrogen, Vattenfall believes there is a significant opportunity to decarbonize industries like fertilizer production, petrochemicals, steel, and refining. Preem and Vattenfall think that new alliances between fossil-free energy providers and decarbonizing industries as well as creative collaborations are required to strengthen Sweden’s position as a leader in the developing markets for fossil-free fuels and materials.

A highly specialized refinery and petrochemicals sector, excellent offshore wind energy potential, and a strong desire for change are all present on the Swedish west coast. An important framework is set to realize such ambitions with the recently announced plans by Swedish TSO (Svenska Kraftnät) to expand the transmission network to areas, such as the Swedish west coast, within Sweden’s maritime territory.

The largest fuel company in Sweden, Preem, started the process of switching from fossil fuels to a renewable and climate-neutral value chain in 2035. Decarbonization of the refineries and increased production of renewable fuels like HVO, renewable gasoline, and sustainable aviation fuels are both made possible by fossil-free hydrogen. Preem can investigate the creation of e-fuels for challenging to decarbonize industries like aviation and maritime thanks to an increase in the supply of fossil-free hydrogen.


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