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Vattenfall kicks off construction of 79MW agri-solar project in Germany

Vattenfall has kicked off construction of a 79MW agri-solar project in Germany.

Power and Air Condition Solution Management (PASM), which is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, will be partnering with Vattenfall on the project. Agri-PV refers to the combination of agriculture and the generation of solar power on one and the same agricultural land.

The Tützpatz array is located in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

In the project spread at a total area of 93 hectares, solar module types will be combined with suitable forms of agricultural use.

Head of Vattenfall's solar division Claus Wattendrup was quoted in a statement, "With the construction of an agri-PV project of this magnitude, we are doing real pioneering work. We want to show that sustainable agriculture and energy production can complement each other perfectly. With the Tützpatz project, we are now further developing this young technology on a commercial scale.”

Meanwhile, Managing Director of PASM Bernd Schulte-Sprenger remarked, “The electricity supply contract from the Tützpatz solar park is of particular importance, as it combines green power generation with sustainable agriculture, because free-range chickens will live under the solar panels.

The companies shared that the Tützpatz solar park aligns with the framework of the energy transition in Germany.

The project is likely to supply electricity from 2024.


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