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VDMA Advocates Targeted Support Measures to Boost European Photovoltaic Industry and Foster Green Technology Innovation

The photovoltaic (PV) industry is facing significant imbalances in the international market, hindering the development of a viable European production landscape. In response, the VDMA Electronics, Micro and New Energy Production Technologies Trade Association proposes targeted support measures to bolster the German and European PV industry.

Thilo Brückner, Managing Director of VDMA, highlights the pivotal role of the PV industry in achieving climate neutrality and energy security in Europe. He emphasizes the need to maintain and develop key stages of the PV production value chain within Europe to realize these goals effectively.

The VDMA underscores the importance of clear criteria for targeted support measures. They advocate for a resilience bonus within the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), which would provide time-limited, degressive, and capped funding to support the transformation of the PV industry.

Dr. Dennis Rendschmidt, Managing Director of VDMA Power Systems Trade Association, views the resilience bonus as a crucial bridge to enhance the competitiveness of the PV industry in Germany and Europe. He stresses the industry’s commitment to investing in research and innovation to drive growth and sustainability.

Moreover, the VDMA highlights the central role of mechanical and plant engineering in supporting the development of green tech and transformation technologies, including PV production and its value chain. They emphasize the importance of collaboration between industry stakeholders to foster innovation and drive progress in the European PV sector.


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