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Verbund Commissions 44 MW Battery Storage Facility in Germany

Austrian utility Verbund AG has put three battery energy storage systems (BESS) with a combined capacity of 44 MW/55 MWh into operation in Germany.

The three battery storage systems are located in the Rechtenbach und Hessisch Lichtenau municipalities in Hesse and in the Schwabmuenchen municipality in Bavaria, Verbund said on Tuesday. The facilities are part of the cooperation between Verbund, renewables project developer ABO-Wind and energy storage developer Kyon Energy. They complement existing facilities such as Verbund's battery storage chain in northern Bavaria and some locations in Thuringia. The systems serve to stabilise the grid by providing control energy, participate in intraday trading and feed out energy at times of high load. In this way, they help to balance out fluctuations in electricity generation from renewable energy.

The Austrian company has more than 100 MW of large-scale battery storage in operation, twice as much in active marketing for third-party storage operators and more than 300 MW in planning or implementation in Germany alone. Its goal is to have 1 GW of installed batteries by the end of 2030.


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